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Long Lost Friends

A lot of TBS/GGWO friendships have developed over the years. As time has gone by (for whatever reason), many have lost contact with each other and may want to catch up on memories of years gone by. This page is dedicated to those who wish to post their name (or an identity clue), email address, and anything else you wish to include so that you can connect with some long-lost friends. No names or contact information will be placed on this page unless you email us your contact information. The information will be published exactly as you request it. If it seems that only people with a certain viewpoint of GGWO are posted, you are reminded that we will publish only what is submitted.

To make it more difficult for potential spammers, the email addresses will formatted in this easy-to-figure-out manner: "johndoe at aol dot com"
Email your information (in the exact way you want it listed) to this address . Let the contacts begin:



Bonnie Brace
MuskyRose at aol dot com

Bob Brinton
bob.brinton at verizon dot net

Jeannie Byrne

Jeannieree44 at Aol dot com


Dave Carson
minutus at gte dot net


Louise (Maguire) Connolly
wease2000 at comcast dot net

David Drago
 daviddrago at sbcglobal dot net
Jim Faucett
somebonus at yahoo dot com
Roberta (Croteau) Fernalld
srfern at verizon dot net 
Jack and Lee Leonard
jack.leonard at gmail dot com
Steve Sousa
parsnsousa at comcast dot net
Maria Tateo
gracekid2 at aol dot com
 My name is John Rasmussen age 58,I live in Glendale ,Az 6 yrs now.I have been a member of The Bible Speaks  1980 graduation class/andGGWo for about  24 yrs.Came out here with my son Daniel and later with my now X wife Kathy  to start a branch church that fell apart 1 yrs later.Would love to connect with my old school ,church friends.My home address is John Rasmussen,4402 W Mission Ln .Glendale,Az. My home no. is 623-931-5050.  In Christ Name ,John Rasmussen

Who's next?

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