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The information on this site has been collected to offer the public an educational and informative resource concerning Carl Stevens, The Bible Speaks, Greater Grace World Outreach, Maryland Bible College and Seminary, Greater Grace Christian Academy, the Grace Hour radio program, and the International Association of Grace Ministries. The mention and/or inclusion of these or other individuals and organizations on this site does not define that group as a "cult", nor does it define any individual mentioned as either destructive or harmful. Such inclusion simply reflects the existence of interest and controversy within documents relating to these groups.
All the material must be evaluated critically, through a process of independent and individual judgment. To prevent an inaccurate and one-sided presentation, please note that there are links to GGWO's own official websites, which reflect their views. It is important to hear what they have to say. Furthermore, we have publicly offered GGWO the opportunity to provide rebuttals to the articles and personal stories on this site.
All META tags, page titles, keywords and other content descriptions used throughout this website are intended to assist search engines for research and locating purposes. This in no way, shape or form is intended to mislead anyone by implying any official representation and/or relationship between this website and the owners of any trademarks, service marks and/or copyrights, which may contain the same keywords and/or titles. This web site does not necessarily endorse or support any of the views expressed within the documents, articles, reports and testimonies archived within this website, with the exception of those specifically so attributed. This web site does not necessarily endorse or support any of the views expressed within linked websites listed at the Links page of this website. They are provided only for the convenience of researchers and those concerned. Books listed on the Books page of this website and the views they express are not specifically endorsed by this web site. Readers must exercise their own judgment in choosing and/or reviewing such material, and critically evaluate any views or opinions the authors may express.
Any minor child should consult their custodial parent(s) before reading the information on this site.
The news items contained on this site are provided without profit and are intended to be available to anyone interested in the topic, for educational purposes only.
Any publisher, Webmaster or news service (i.e., official and legal holder of copyright) that objects to their material being included in this archive may request that it be removed and/or that future material be excluded. An official written request sent via email made by the copyright holder and/or their legal representative will be duly considered.




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